3 Sources to Improve your Website

Past websites have had to settle for a limited choice of fonts. As a result many site’s text all looked the same. With competition between websites to distinguish themselves from the rest the creation of more font choices became available.

Today website owners have many choices when it comes to selecting a particular font for their site. Let’s explore some of the options.

Google fonts:
With over 700 different types of fonts Google Fonts provides something for nearly everyone. There is no charge for use of these fonts.

How this works is when your website’s page loads it connects to Google Fonts in the background and provides an option to replace your current font with the one selected on their site.

With so many fonts to choose from you might be temped to have several different font styles on your website. Careful, too many selections will slow down your website. Google provides a page load meter as a guide when you select fonts. Keep it in the “green” for best performance.

Knowledge on HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and general knowledge of your website’s coding architecture is required to make this work.

Proprietary fonts:
For those who want something more specific you might want to look at websites such as typography.com can provide proprietary fonts for a small fee. These fonts are copyright protected and maybe purchased for use on an account.

How this works is you setup an account, shop and select the font you want to use, and select which website domain(s) you want it to go to. They will generate the code needed to insert into your website which will get the font selected when the page loads.

Font icons and symbols:
Icons and symbols enhance the website’s visual appeal. People recognize and associate actions based off selected symbols. These give an extra touch to your website. A great resource is Font Awesome that provides over 600 commonly used icons and symbols. These icons are fully customizable so they can match your website’s look and feel. Like Google Fonts there is not charge for using these icons.

Font Awesome works similar to Google fonts in setup and operation.

With these 3 great resources you have the flexibility to customize your website’s font style to better match your brand identity. If you have a website but not the technical know how to do this contact Success Media Services for help. We can take a look at your website and provide honest feedback. Let us know how we can help.


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