Are you missing out on the Automation Revolution?

Overwhelmed with time and keeping up with getting your message out on email and social media campaigns?


There is an easier way.


Today’s high effective websites are not just 24/7 information brochures. They are workhorses that collect valuable information and provide their viewers engaging content on multiple platforms. This can include email and social media campaigns.


More than ever automation of website information has become a key role in the conversion of the casual viewer into a buyer.


For example, websites can be automated to collect contact subscription and subscription information to later be used in email campaigns. Even the email campaigns can be automated to send when a new blog or article post is published to the website keeping your fans well informed.


Other such uses, automatically send out a social media post whenever a new piece of content is added to your website. Imagine not having to log in and duplicate existing content onto multiple social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.


More supplicated uses include an elaborate user decision process that the outcomes are determined automatically by how the user reacts to the information they receive. Commonly known as sales funnels these automatons are valuable in retaining an interest in the company or help recover lost shopping carts (people who choose not to buy at the last second) on e-commerce platforms.


Success Media Services has the experience to help you organize and automate your online information, so you can save time on doing routine tasks. Contact us and share your challenges so we can craft an easy to understand automated solution specific to your needs.

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