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christmas 2016

Happy Holidays 2016!

Success Media Services would like to wish their clients and supporters a wonderful holiday season. May 2017 exceed 2016 in bringing happiness and prosperity to all.

Word Wise Logo

WordWise Consultancy

WordWise Consultancy is an innovative training and development organization dedicated to refining communication skills and fostering a passion for effective writing in the workplace.   WordWise connected with Success Media Services to not only develop a creative logo but an innovative and beautiful website that inspires the individual to engage

90consulting logo


  90consulting is a professional executive service for medium to large companies. Some of the custom features on the website include: Logo design for both digital and print to match the client’s brand identity. Custom layout and design to the client’s needs. Full browser use of content throughout the site

Inspired Work Services

Inspired Work Services

This is a redesign from an existing website. Some of the enhancements include: Improved format and layout throughout the site Enhanced navigation throughout the site Social media integration Custom blog added to site Custom desktop and mobile designs You can visit this website at: Inspired Work Services

internet background dark

Your Website might be Exposed to Junk Messages

Many of us have a contact form on the contact page of our website. We usually set this form with the following fields: name, company, email, message, or something similar. We set a destination email address to receive an email of every contact form filled. Great, it’s all up and

Social Media Trends

Social Media Trends in 2016

2015 has seen some dramatic shifts in social media content. This year will bring even more changes to the social media landscape. Let’s explore the latest trends that will have an impact in 2016. Legacy fade Facebook considered the holly grail of social media platforms will see its usage numbers

Website Marriage

A Free Marriage with Strings

I am sure you have seen the TV advertisements: “Create your own website for free.” Sounds enticing? Companies like Weebly and Wix have created a business of seamless integration of web design and hosting at an attractive price. Free. The question comes to mind: “Are these companies engaging philanthropy to

Website Elements

Your Website might be Outdated?

What does it take to have a professional web design in 2016? Let’s explore some of the must haves in high quality design trends. Responsive design I am really surprised at the amount of websites I see still not having this in their design. Responsive design is the ability of