Content Management Systems – What are they? Do I need one?

In the early days of website development web pages where created by developers and stored as files on a web server. Whenever there was a request to add, remove or update content on a page the website owner would request the developer to make those changes.

Today we have content management systems (CMS) which provides the power to the website owner to go in and make changes to the content to their site. Examples would be:

  • Update daily specials on a restaurant website
  • Update car inventory on an auto website
  • Update property information on a realtor website
  • Add photos to a gallery on a photography website
  • Add news articles, events, or update a blog on a site

CMS is a server application that stores content information of a particular page into a powerful database. When a page is requested like the home page of a website the application accesses the database which has the all the information on that page, how it should be built, and where certain content files located and brings them together to form a webpage for viewing.

Access to the system is given to website owners so they can log in any time, any place, and make necessary changes to content on their site.

The power of this is important. Having access to change content keeps your website fresh so it doesn’t have the effect of a faded billboard on the side of a highway. It keeps your viewers engaged. Also search engines look for updated and/or added content in ranking websites.

Success Media Services has experience in developing CMS websites for clients utilizing Word Press or Drupal products. We provide a high quality CMS design specific to the needs of our clients.

Word Press     Drupal

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