Did your Website Survive Mobilegeddon?

A big change in the world’s largest search engine is about affect millions of websites when it relates to search rankings. Google will now penalize the search ranking of websites for not being mobile friendly. Websites that are mobile friendly will go to the top of the list. Sites that are unfriendly i.e. text that is too small, too long to load, graphics heavy or hard to navigate will go to the bottom of the list.

Why is Google doing this?

Simple, mobile use of the Internet is becoming more popular than desktop use and Google is staying ahead of the trend. So if your site doesn’t work optimally on a phone, get on that redesign. Your ranking depends on it.

Success Media Services strives on developing websites that are mobile, tablet, and desktop friendly. All of our clients noticed an improvement in Google search rankings and display the “Mobile Friendly” badge when searching on a mobile device.

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