Domain Killers – What You Need to Know to Protect Your Identity

Most of us think of domains as something you purchase, turn over to your webmaster and forget. And yet, domains are often one of the very top assets in our business, particularly as we grow and invest in our brand.

First, let’s get one thing clear: You own your domain! Just like a piece of real estate, we have to pay taxes and preferably some upkeep.

Here are a few challenges that can put your domain in jeopardy:

Penalized and Banned
Some SEO firms promoted “instant page one” search results on search engines. Essentially, they found vulnerabilities in search engines and exploited them to their benefit. Search engines fought back by creating processes to detect such behavior and warned the SEO industry to cast and desist.

The problem is many SEO firms continue to use these practices. They represent a shortcut even though the client is totally jeopardized.

Practices that put your business at risk can be identified by a comprehensive SEO audit by an independent third party.

Blacklisted & Damned to Spam Hell
Sounds bad and it is! E-mail providers use e-mail filters and blockers to stamp out unnecessary e-mail spam. Blacklisting is a much bigger problem. Your domain is put on an internal list due to excessive spam. This means that most of your e-mails stop reaching their destination. You are essentially shutdown.

Sometimes this can happen without your awareness because spammers have used vulnerabilities on your website that use your hosting server as a platform for additional spam.

An experienced web developer ought to periodically check your e-mail health and reinforce your site against these attacks.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions to Success Media Services. We are leaders in digital marketing platforms, SEO optimization and website security.

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