Exciting New Business gets a Beautiful Website to Match

90consulting is one of my favorite clients. Here’s why:

The Founder & President of 90consulting came to us with a directive to create a site that reflects his refinement as well as the energy of his thriving and dynamic business.  It was an especially rewarding project because his standards are extremely high for himself, his colleagues and anyone who supports the business.

The design brief was to fulfill the following characteristics:

  • Minimalistic
  • Elegant
  • Clean
  • Ease of Use

Success Media Services never uses templates with its clients. We are constantly seeking to capture the personality and ethos of a business so users “get” the business far more quickly.

Here are a few of the decisions we made to create this site:

Full-width web browser, responsive design: Some best website designs by top companies around the world realize the value in using every inch of a web browser with content. No longer are we confined to the shape of a typical “page” layout. Utilizing this makes 90consulting stand out from the crowd.

Simple and effective navigation through the site: To do this we re-organized 90consutancy’s written content and created a navigation throughout the site that is easy to use. We place the main navigation at the top of the screen and is always accessible to the viewer to change pages.

For lengthy pages such as “Meet our Team” page, we included a left side menu that allows the viewer to quickly navigate to different parts of the page.

Subtle use of content animation to enhance the page transforming to life:This can be best represented in the “Meet our Team” page where each of the direct team members profiles is brought to life as you scroll down the page.

Use of imagery and transforming certain images to life: Imagery can bring color and life into your website. Here we not only used unique imagery but, on some pages, bringing them to life by the animation of black and white images to color.

Please take a look at their new website:


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