How Hot is Your Website?

You have a new or existing website up and running. Want to know how well received it is from your visitors, or you have pages that are not converting and want to know why? User experience is the difference from a visitor on your website acting and converting into a customer to a visitor who clicks the back button on the browser. Combined with website traffic analytics the following methods can help identify and improve your user experience.


Taking your Website’s Temperature – Heat mapping is the process of collective recordings of your visitor’s reactions to parts on your website. This can quickly tell what parts of the website get the most attention and what parts that might need change. Heat mapping includes clicking certain objects such as menus, videos, buttons, etc.  It also includes where visitors on your website drag their mouse pointer and can reveal if a part of the content that might be hard to read. The third part of heatmapping is to see how far down the page a visitor goes before leaving the page for another.

Powerful tools such has HotJar or Mouseflow can track your website and provide page heatmaps on how your visitors are reacting to parts of your website.

heatmap or web page

ABC’s of A/B Testing – A/B testing (sometimes called split testing) is a process of comparing the reactions of two or more pages where the content in each has been slightly changed. Through reporting the design that converts the most wins. A good example of this is to have multiple landing pages with the content slightly modified (i.e. call to action buttons color/location changed, different background images, change text font type, etc.)

There are many powerful tools such as Google Optimize that can be used in A/B testing. A great feature of Google Optimize is that you don’t have to create separate pages for testing. One page can be altered in many ways to for multiple tests and its built-in analytics keeps track of test results. This is important if you want to perform A/B tests on pages like your homepage.

Google Optimize Report

Have a website that needs improvement in user experience or landing pages that are not converting to sales? Success Media Services can quickly implement these tools to your website and provide the changes necessary to have your website or landing pages convert visitors into paying customers. Contact us to see how we help your organization.

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