Lights, Camera, Marketing!

Let’s face it. With the increase in Internet speed and new software technologies, videos are now becoming more popular everywhere on the Internet. More than ever, videos are becoming a part of our websites and social media browsing. Even social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter offer live streaming videos.


Even if you are not wanting to be a live newscaster, videos can be an important role for your organization in your digital marketing campaign.


Videos on websites can make content more personable and inviting. They can also cover an incredible amount of complex information in an entertaining format instead of reading paragraphs and paragraphs of text.


Videos used in social media is an excellent way of keeping your community informed about new products, changes, special events that you might be promoting.


When setup properly, videos posted can also be a big help your website gain rank in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing.


You might be asking yourself? I don’t have a full-time professional video production staff nor the big budget to support this.


Don’t worry most videos do not need to be professionally produced. One or two professional produced videos for the website. Most of the social media videos can be shot informally with personal video equipment or if the need warrants a professional shot video.


You might want to have post production work performed on the videos you create. This will make the videos a little more professional by adding visual effects, watermark logos, and correct audio level adjustments.


When taking your own videos keep in mind the quality of the videos will get better when you have more practice taking them. Your first video most likely will not be Lucas Film quality but over time by producing more and more videos the quality will improve.


Success Media Services can help you incorporate videos into your digital marketing campaign. We can offer a customized video digital marketing strategies that best fit your organization’s requirements. Let us know how we can help to start or improve your existing digital marketing and/or social media needs.

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