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A few times a year we get approached by clients asking if we develop mobile applications or mobile apps. We ask in the conversation what objective or function is the mobile app to perform. Often the client doesn’t have a clear idea and many times they believe if they have a mobile app their business will be more trendy or marketable. Much like in the late ’90s placing .com at the end business name guarantees money would be thrown into it regardless if it had a good business plan or not. So why do we ask a paying client this question? Time and money. Many times the client could have saved a lot of time and money by converting that functionality they wanted into a mobile website design. At Success Media Services we love to educate our clients so they can make the best decisions. So let’s break down the differences between developing a mobile app vs having a mobile website design.


Mobile Applications

Mobile applications should only be considered when there is a specific function to be performed that cannot be handled by conventional website design or if the application can be run independently of an Internet connection. Often excellent mobile apps are programs that can store downloaded information from the Internet that can be used offline. Also, mobile apps can be used when an extra layer of online security is needed such as investing and banking applications.


Mobile applications are software that is written for mobile devices. Today, to capture a large percentage of the mobile device audience a separate mobile applications has to be written for Apple’s iPhone and Andriod devices. Why? Because each has its own operating systems so the code is different.


Because mobile applications are software an experienced software developer must be hired to develop. Finding one that can work on both operating systems is a must. Costs depending on the scope and scale of the project can range from $5,000 to $500,000 and take 12 – 20 weeks to develop.


Constant maintenance issues. Ever get an update to the operating system on your mobile device? Even the coveted Apple iPhone that never got updates are now seeing them every other month. Because of this, your mobile apps will need updating to keep up with changes in the operating eco-system. Added costs of a part-time developer to do this.


Marketing. Many clients believe that once you place your mobile app in its respected store people will us it. Yes and no. Keep in mind your is one of the millions on the store so strategic digital marketing is important.


Mobile Website Design

For many clients, well-produced responsive website design will suffice over developing a mobile application. A good website designer and developer can design a website that looks good not only on desktops but on mobile devices itself. This cuts the overhead of hiring additional resources to develop and maintain a mobile application.


Open-sourced website design and development is cross platformed so your mobile site can run on any device regardless of operating system and requires less maintenance than software applications.



Sometimes the needs and demands for a mobile application outweigh the use of mobile website design. Care thought on how the application functions should be planned well before costly development begins.


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