My Blog is out of Control!

Ok you got your blog on your website up and running. You would like to have people comment and start conversations on your topics. You enable comments to your blog and you are off and running.


It does not take long before you start receiving dozens of spam comments that have nothing to do with the subject posted. Everything from selling sneakers to sex performance drugs to fake news articles even attempted spam hacks to your website wind up in your comments section of your blog. It’s annoying reality of running a blog on the Internet.


There are several options you can take to eliminate unwanted spam on your blog.


The first option is to not allow any comments on your blog or webpage. This is the most basic and easiest option of eliminating spam posting on your blog and website. The fallback is conversations from anyone cannot be created about a post or webpage and is the most limiting.


The second choice is to review comments before posting. Here you are the administrator that will review each comment and only allow the ones that are appropriate to the website. You will still get the spam comments and you must manually delete them to get to the valid comments which can be time consuming.


Third option is to subscribe to an anti-spam service for your blog. Services like Akismet link up to your website and check comments before they post to your website. This will get rid of most spam messages and place limits on your commenters.


A more complete and helpful option is to use a commenting building service like Disqus. Disqus not only provides an anti-spam commenting system but also promotes your comments linked to your website. The product is integrated into your web pages and blog sections.


When installed into your website users must be registered and logged into Disqus to make comments on a website or blog post. You can still have approval control of the comments before they post through the admin panel.


Another great benefit of Disqus is every comment is linked to a web page or blog post and the comments are search engine indexed. This means when Disqus is properly configured it can benefit your website when it comes to search engines.


Success Media Services can help you determine the right-fit selection in social conversation products for your website and social media campaigns. Let us know how we can help.

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