Highly Effective SEO Part 7: SEO Reporting

This is the final part of a multi-part series that explains the major factors of a successful SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. In this article, we will explain the importance of SEO reporting and must-have reporting for an effective SEO campaign.


You need to be able to see the Fruits of Your Labor


SEO reporting allows you to see how well your campaign is performing. SEO and website traffic reports not only report how well your SEO efforts are producing but can also provide valuable insights on future marketing efforts. It also can identify areas within the SEO campaign that are weak and need improvement.



SEO Reporting Must-Haves


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a valuable insight tool for reporting website traffic. Whether you are engaged in an SEO campaign or not, having Google Analytics installed will give you all sorts of valuable information about your website visitors.


The amount of information this tool provides can be daunting to new users but it can provide useful visitor information such as; demographics, traffic sources, keyword popularity, user traffic flows, etc.


When starting an SEO campaign it is important to have Google Analytics installed and properly configured so the digital strategists can have a benchmark of the existing traffic numbers before starting the campaign.


Google Search Console

A lesser-known but important reporting tool is Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster’s Tools). This reporting tool can provide important information on technical and performance issues with your website. It can provide feedback on issues such as; sitemap submission, website speed, pages indexed, etc.


For new domains (less than 6 months) it can provide early ranking signals of keywords/search terms before third party reporting tools (below) start to report.


There is a nifty feature in this tool that allows you to submit a page or post (via URL) to Google instantly for reading and indexing without having to wait for them to read your website.


Most of the information in Google Search Console is technical in nature so an experience digital strategist would be the person reviewing most of this information to determine if changes are warranted.



Third-Party SEO Reporting Tools


To be efficient with resources almost every SEO agency will incorporate your project with third-party reporting tools. There are many out there and the great ones usually cost more. Excellent reporting tools will give accurate and timely information with easy to understand reporting capabilities.


Some of the reports your SEO agency should prepare and go over:


  • Domain Report: This is a high-level overview of your website’s visibility in search engines.


  • Keyword Ranking Report: This shows how well your website is ranking for keywords and their movement from the one-time frame to the next.


  • Backlink Report: If your SEO strategy involves a backlink campaign this report will show how well it is growing.


  • PPC Report: If you are engaged in a paid-per-click (PPC) campaign this report will audit your ads and show how well they are showing up in search engine results.



Wrapping it up!


So there you have it. Everything that is needed to start an effective SEO campaign for your website. SEO can have a high learning curve and be resource-intensive, so many organizations hand off the level of effort to SEO agencies. It’s a matter of properly valuing your time.


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