SEO Search for Voice Activated Devices

One of the fastest-growing trends in search engine optimization SEO is voice search. Much like mobile devices invaded our daily lives ten years ago voice-activated devices such as Amazon’s Alexa and others have invaded our households. Everything from finding out what the weather is or nearest pizza restaurants can be found via voice search. This gives us new opportunities to utilize the search capabilities of these devices to direct users to products and services they might need. According to 99Firm’s article here are the stats on voice search:


  • According to Google, 20% of all searches are voice.
  • 31% of smartphone users worldwide use voice tech at least once a week.
  • 50% of all online searches will be voice-based by 2020.
  • 30% of all web browsing sessions will be done without a screen by 2020.
  • 55% of households are expected to own smart speaker devices by 2022.
  • Playing music is the most popular use of smart speakers currently.
  • Almost 20% of all voice search queries are triggered by just 25 keywords.
  • Global voice commerce is expected to be worth $40B by 2022.


This is not a new technology, remember when apple release Siri about a half a decade ago. This was to tie a search engine to a voice recognition program. Today’s voice-activated devices are more improved with recognizing and remembering different voices and search engines are better developed.


Voice search is another trend of search engines has implemented and mobile users are loving it. It is since it helps some people multi-task and saves time or just sometimes it appears to be more comfortable and fun to use voice search. Somebody who’s driving might just use voice look to navigate into the nearest store or eatery around them. They conveniently do that with voice look without losing control of their vehicle. This alone has shown a lot of Advantages why your company would consider optimizing your important keywords to direct voice search queries. Another way your company could benefit from local mobile web site optimization is that you’ve many opportunities to offer your clients great offers and create a friendly environment for them to buy and refer your services and products to their buddies and families. This could be achieved by making your web site user-friendly in order that from the first click that takes them to your web site until the last click they close your web site pages should be an excellent experience for them. Your site should be fast loading and detailed info should be made easy to understand.


It makes sense for businesses (especially local) to adapt their digital marketing strategy to include voice-activated SEO search. Miss this opportunity is cutting out a segment who might be looking for your products or services.


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