Video Creates Client Engagement

Video is now an essential part of the marketing toolkit. It showcases your business, demonstrates your products or services and helps spread your news, creating a buzz that gets people talking. Simply put, video helps convert more visitors into customers.

In fact, research proves that videos increase visits to conversions by 80%.

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You can select the location or we can assist in the perfect location. That can include capturing a keynote speech, walking with you on a beach, featuring members of your team interacting with each other in the office, or simply sitting in our beautiful Pacific Palisades studio. Additional location shots that add to the quality of your story or for video transitions will be discussed during our initial consultation.

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Masterfully combining technology, photos, images, sound, and music is blended into a final product that captures the attention of your web visitors and inspires them to stay on the site or reach out on-the-spot. Our studio features the latest in post-production technology, editing, video effects, graphics and audio adjustments.

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High-quality video has a more far-reaching purpose than simply improving a website. We partner with clients in getting video content into social media, all in the right format for each medium.

Video Portfolio