Social Media Trends in 2016

2015 has seen some dramatic shifts in social media content. This year will bring even more changes to the social media landscape. Let’s explore the latest trends that will have an impact in 2016.

Legacy fade
Facebook considered the holly grail of social media platforms will see its usage numbers level off and might even decline. This is due to the younger users going for more progressive platforms of Snapchat and Instagram.

Immediate response
More than ever social media users are demanding timely responses to their questions and issues they post to social media.

Leaving unanswered questions or feedback will open opportunities for the competition to gain at your neglect.

Better tools and applications are out there to allow a timely response while on the move. Expect organizations hiring social media commentators and/or agencies to handle the social response workload.

Click to purchase
All the major social media platforms have added “Buy” functions in expectations to turn social media browsing into purchases.

Since a significant of online purchases are now based on social reviews this would make sense to tie ecommerce closely with social media. We shall see.

Better search functions
Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram have introduced better search functions in 2015. Expect to see more functionality in search as these organizations as they get better indexing their data.

Visuals, visuals, and more visuals
A picture says a thousand words, video gives a lasting impression. Over a year ago Facebook introduced video posting. The rate of video posting from its users exceeded their expectations. Expect more of the same in 2016.

Other platforms like Twitter will be expanding its Twitter Cards option to give the instant short feed platform a more visual appeal.

Expect more use of info graphics in social media postings and email campaigns as organizations and agencies provide this as an option for their clients.

These are just a few exciting social media trends that are happening in 2016.

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