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Potential Selves Logo

Potential Selves – Website Redesign

Visit the improved website at https://www.potentialselves.com In early 2014 David Yudis President of Potential Selves reached out to Success Media Services to design logo and website for his new start up. We provided him with a website that is usable on both desktops and mobile devices. Old Potential Selves Website Over

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Marta Vago Logo

Marta Vago

Marta Vago advises some of the world’s most influential leaders, entrepreneurs, as well as people in arts and entertainment. Her capacity to deal with complex challenges is unmatched. Clients look to Marta as a resource that understands the alchemy of personal success as well as the necessary skills to run

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Word Wise Logo

WordWise Consultancy

WordWise Consultancy is an innovative training and development organization dedicated to refining communication skills and fostering a passion for effective writing in the workplace.   WordWise connected with Success Media Services to not only develop a creative logo but an innovative and beautiful website that inspires the individual to engage

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Using web fonts for websites.

3 Sources to Improve your Website

Past websites have had to settle for a limited choice of fonts. As a result many site’s text all looked the same. With competition between websites to distinguish themselves from the rest the creation of more font choices became available. Today website owners have many choices when it comes to

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Food For Thought Style Logo

Food For Thought Style – New Website Under Development

Success Media Services has entered a project with Food For Thought Style to develop a customized e-commerce solution for this company. Food For Thought Style is an innovative art development company that produces stunning artistic images. These images are produced on a collection of products for sale on the site.

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type set

Web Fonts Give That Extra Creative Touch

In the beginning developers selected from a few common browser compatible fonts for text content on a website. Other techniques were developed such as composing text with a certain font into an image will work on a website but reduce search engine optimization due it being an image and not

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emergent digital logo

Emergent Digital – Logo and New Website

Success Media Services is pleased to announce the creation of Emergent Digital’s new company logo and website. Emergent Digital is new company that needed a custom logo and website to match its brand. Several logo options were presented and one was selected and refined for both digital and print. The website

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