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Website Elements

Your Website might be Outdated?

What does it take to have a professional web design in 2016? Let’s explore some of the must haves in high quality design trends. Responsive design I am really surprised at the amount of websites I see still not having this in their design. Responsive design is the ability of

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mobile internet

Did your Website Survive Mobilegeddon?

A big change in the world’s largest search engine is about affect millions of websites when it relates to search rankings. Google will now penalize the search ranking of websites for not being mobile friendly. Websites that are mobile friendly will go to the top of the list. Sites that

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Food For Thought Style Logo

Food For Thought Style – New Website Under Development

Success Media Services has entered a project with Food For Thought Style to develop a customized e-commerce solution for this company. Food For Thought Style is an innovative art development company that produces stunning artistic images. These images are produced on a collection of products for sale on the site.

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mack international logo

Mack International – New Website Under Development

This client is a redesign from a previous website powered by a content management system. Some of the enhancements are as following: Added is a rich graphic responsive layout for different browsing devices. Desktop, tablet, mobile. Interactive presentation slides. Improved search capability for its vast news article archives. Improved contact

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responsive design

Responsive Design – Why is this Important?

Over a decade ago developing websites were pretty much designed around one size. Desktops. Since then the introduction of smartphones and tablet readers have challenged the web development community on how to properly handle content so that it is viewable and useable on different browsing devices. Why did this become

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