Website Design Foundation Basics: 3 Major Sections in a Website

The Foundation of most Website Designs

The basic foundation of almost all website designs will have 3 major sections in the overall layout and design. These are:

  • The header section
  • The body section
  • The footer section

Each section is unique and important to the overall website design, and is described in detail below.


The Header

The header section is the first part of the website you will see. It is at the top of the page and usually contains the logo of the website, main navigation, social media icons or other clickable items. The header section may also contain other useful information. In most website designs the header content does not change from one website page to another, however, a website can de developed to change the header section information as needed.


Some website designs place and keep the header section at the top of the website page at all time. This design technique is important so the visitor has access to important information in the header at all times. This is great to keep the website visitor engaged with other parts(navigation) of the website and conversion into a potential customer.


Content in the header section in any website design should be kept clean, easy to read at a glace and not cluttered, and functional to the website visitor.


The Body

This is the section is where all the action is. The body section in a website design contains all the content that describes your organization. This could be website pages, blog posts, image library, the possibilities are endless in the body section.


Here is where your website design takes on the most creativity and diversity in content.


The Footer

The footer section in the website design is at the bottom of the website page. Usually it contains important links to other places to the website, contact information of the organization, and other content related to the website. Much like the header section the footer section content rarely changes from one website page to another.


Sometimes the most neglected section of the website design. Many website designers don’t put much emphasis in the footer section because they believe many people will overlook the information in it. This is where your website gets a second chance for visitors to re-engage with the website and look other parts or engage with call to action.


A great website design will make the footer section visually unique so it catches the website visitor’s attention and provides a second chance with the website visitor to re-engage with the website.


Combining it all Together

Carefully designing and developing all 3 major sections in a website design will provide a better user experience for your website visitors.


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Next we will explore the use of style in the website design…

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