Your Website Social Ready?

Using social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. can be effective to get the message out about your organization and start conversations about your products and/or services.


What about your website?


Your website can be an excellent place for people on social media to find detailed answers to their questions or product needs. Your website can also serve as a center piece for recent news and events about your organization.


Your website should have the capability to post new content such as articles, current events, trends, etc. about your company. Use of website platforms such as WordPress and Drupal provide website owners the tools needed to produce timely content.


Links to your post or web pages themselves can used in social media to start conversations or inform your community on new events.


Does your website page/post look professional when you paste a link from your website in social media platforms?


For instance, Facebook and Twitter use special protocols (code) to pull certain pieces of information on a page/post. These pieces can be a featured image, page/post title and description. This information is automatically organized and presented in a professional view on the social media platform.


For example, Twitter now uses protocols (code) to generate “Twitter Cards”. Twitter Cards have transformed Twitter from a text only social media platform by including pictures, animated images, and short videos in its news feed. Thus, twitter is now looking like Facebook a few years ago.


This is done effortlessly by the website owner providing the website has been setup and configured properly to accept social media protocols.


Success Media Services has the expertise in providing customized website and social media solutions. We can help you by providing social media answers crafted to your unique business needs. Let’s us evaluate your website and give you advice on how social media can be an important part of it.

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