Why Keeping Emails Separate is a Good Thing

Hosting providers love to provide internet services all in one tidy package. At first look, this might be convenient but may not be the best strategy in the long-run. Why? Let take a look a typical website/email hosting package and how it works.

When you sign up for a hosting package from a hosting provider such as BlueHost, Godaddy, SiteGround etc, you are getting a collection of tools and utilities to setup your website and email accounts but more importantly, you are getting space to store your website and emails.

As your business grows the lifeline of online communication within your organization is its emails. Email communications with clients, businesses, website contact forms, social media, etc become critical and its importance is often taken for granted.

Issues arise when your beloved hosting company may no longer be the best solution for your organization. Problems arise such as email blacklists, scalability due to growth, outdated technology, poor customer and/or technical support and even price manipulation on hosting renewals can happen.

Moving your website from one hosting company to another is one issue but migrating important emails over is another. Also, consider the downtime in email services within your organization during the migration process. How will it impact your organization’s online reputation?

Fortunately, there is a solution that can provide a high-level security and availability. Email services such as Google G Suite can provide professional email hosting. This gives you the flexibility to move your website to different hosting provers as needed without impacting the organization’s email communications. Thus, zero downtime for the business communications.

Think about it; for as low as $5 a month you can leverage the world’s largest secured email provider and have the email customizations such as @yourdomain.com and even multiple email addresses under one account. A small investment that can save a lot of headaches.

Success Media Services can take a look at your organization’s needs and best formulate and implement a hosting solution for both your website and email communications. Let us know how we can help answer your questions on website/email hosting, website design, digital marketing, or video production.

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